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Residence Serenade

Munich's popular Mozart concerts - all year every Thursday and Saturday

Residence Serenade - Concert and on Request: Tour of the Royal Residence
Every Thursday and Saturday you can experience a special cultural highlight in the Munich Residence throughout the year. The Residence Soloists, including members of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra are performing in the Court Chapel (Hofkapelle), an earlier wedding chapel in which Mozart already performed concerts. You will find weekly changing performances with master-pieces ranging from Bach, Vivaldi, Händel, Haydn and Mozart.

Tour of the Royal Residence:
You can further combine this concert experience with a visit of the entire Residence, including the Cuvilliés-Theatre, and indulge your eyes with the hidden treasures of the old kingdom. The visit includes an audioguide. The tour of the Residence is valid 2 days prior to, and 5 days after the date of the concert. Please note that visiting the Residence directly following the concert is not possible.

every Thursday - and every Saturday – 6.30 pm
Price per person for the concert: 29 € (reductions on request)
Concert + Tour of the Residence (audioguide incl.): 42 €

Brand new at Bavaria Klassik: The Family Ticket
Children are our future. And to make sure that our future is just as fascinated by history and classical music as we are, we offer a family ticket especially for families. The ticket includes admission to the concert for 2 adults and up to 4 children under the age of 18. (The adults do not necessarily have to be parents).

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