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Concerts on Lake Starnberg

The Bavaria Klassik team warmly welcomes its guests aboard the luxury ship MS Starnberg on Lake Starnberg. Indulge yourself royally, in a boat trip of a very special kind, and embark on a journey into the time of the Bavarian royal family.

The Wittelsbach kings already knew how to celebrate big festivals on Lake Starnberg. For such festivities, the all-blue and partially gilded magnificent ship "Bucentaurus" was built, the largest and most beautiful rowing ship that ever sailed on a German inland waterway. The favorite horse of Alexander the Great gave his name to this magnificent ship. It was modeled on the representative state ship, the "Floating Palace" of the Doges of Venice and was moved by 150 oarsmen.

The MS STARNBERG was built on the basis of this magnificent ship and offers you the opportunity to celebrate like the Bavarian kings.

The highlight of the evening is the "Royal Water Music", which takes effect in the excellent acoustics of the salon on the main deck of the MS STARNBERG. The Residenz soloists with members of the Munich Philharmonic play masterpieces by composers such as Vivaldi, Handel, Corelli and Mozart, musicians who have already been loved and promoted by the royal family.

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